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Dynasty Warriors Origins release date estimate, trailer, and news

Everything about the Dynasty Warriors Origins release date, all the trailers, and details about the reimagining of Omega Force's series.

Dynasty Warriors Origins release date: the unnamed protagonist has fire in his eyes.

When is the Dynasty Warriors Origins release date? Ever since the PlayStation 2 era, the Dynasty Warriors series has focused on two key concepts: having more playable characters than a typical fighting game, and battering through thousands of enemies. Now, it seems that the newest game in the long-running series is focusing on one unnamed protagonist, but at least they’re still slaying tons of foes at once on their journey through the history of the Three Kingdoms conflict.

While we barely know how this single playable protagonist affects the story in the action game, we’ll likely get to make key decisions that affect the war. In Dynasty Warriors Origins, you may discover the consequences of pursuing Lu Bu at Hulao Gate and preventing Guan Yu from reuniting with Liu Bei. Perhaps you’ll even determine who the new Emperor of China will be.

Dynasty Warriors Origins release date estimate

We estimate that the Dynasty Warriors Origins release date will be the first half of 2025 due to the usual Koei Tecmo release schedules. It will be available on PC via Steam, as well as Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

The reveal trailer mentions that the game will be coming sometime next year, but we can narrow it down a little more thanks to the recent patterns of Koei Tecmo game releases occurring mostly in the first half of each year.

Recent examples of this trend include Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series, and both Nioh games on PC. Other Omega Force games, such as Samurai Warriors 4 DX, were also released on PC in the first half of 2024. That said, Koei Tecmo has not announced a confirmed full release date.

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Dynasty Warriors Origins trailer

The reveal trailer begins with hints of the events that led to the War of the Three Kingdoms: the people starving due to a corrupt ruling family sitting on the throne and the Yellow Turban Rebellion erupting in the Ji, Jing, You, and Yu provinces.

We then see our nameless protagonist order troops to fire arrows before getting his hands dirty by slashing away with his spear, pummelling an enemy with his fists, and running over hordes of foes while on horseback. So far it seems to be a typical Dynasty Warriors affair, though the camera angles are more dynamic. The war game also has a more orchestral-sounding score, which sounds great, though I will miss the power metal music from previous installments.

Dynasty Warriors Origins release date: the protagonist orders troops to fire arrows at the enemy.

Dynasty Warriors Origins news

A PlayStation blog post accompanies the Dynasty Warriors Origins trailer announcement, which debuted on the PlayStation State of Play Summer 2024 stream. In it, we get confirmation that the game will be from the perspective of a new character and will return to the “1 vs. 1,000 gameplay.” This directly refers to the game shift of Dynasty Warriors 9, which felt more like an open-world RPG and was not as well received by fans.

That is everything we know about Dynasty Warriors Origins so far, but if you’re a fan of games set in key moments of history, you should consider giving some of the best strategy games a shot. Alternatively, there are plenty of upcoming PC games in 2024 and beyond to keep you busy during the wait for the Dynasty Warriors Origins release date.