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EA and Respawn planning "new Titanfall experiences," because you can't keep a good titan down

More Titanfall

EA and Respawn Entertainment aren’t done with the Titanfall IP, EA exec Andrew Wilson announced at the company’s recent financial briefing. Their partnership will continue, meaning more Titanfall stuff, which is great because we loved it in our Titanfall review.

What form this will take isn’t clear. Wilson said new Titanfall experiences are on the way, but didn’t clarify for what platforms or whether this will take the form of new DLC, expansions or a sequel.

“We're excited to announce that EA is continuing its partnership with Vince Zampella and his Respawn Entertainment team, building on our success in delivering Titanfall, the biggest interactive entertainment event in the year so far,” said Wilson in the Q4 financial briefing. 

TItanfall was exclusive to PC and Xbox platforms, and EA says that they shifted about 925,000, just in North America, by March 31st. That’s only 20 days after the game launched. 

The first big bit of post-launch DLC for Titanfall is due out this month, and adds three new maps and a new mode. Most noteworthy is the Wargame map. It’s a simulation, a game within a game, made up from pieces from three other maps with lots of room for parkour and open titan-on-titan battles.

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Empyre Avatar
3 Years ago

This shooter would be brilliant if it wasn't for the way it habours you into matchs and has you hanging around console-esque lobbys, it just seems so casual. I want to see a new competitive Titanfall, with web based stat pages and ladders, something to drive a community to give a shit about playing the game.

Don't get me wrong I got my moneys worth out of Titanfall, its the best new shooter I have played in a good while and in my eyes, in has a lot of potential.