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Two more Star Wars games are reportedly in development under EA

EA has cancelled three Star Wars games in three years, but more are on the way

Respawn’s trip to the galaxy far, far away is a hit by all accounts, and a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is reportedly already in development. A new report suggests that yet another game based on the franchise has been cancelled – the third in three years – but reiterates that Fallen Order 2 and an “unusual” other game are still on the way.

The most recent project was codenamed Viking, and was canceled last spring, as Kotaku reports. Viking was a Battlefront spin-off with open-world elements in development at EA Vancouver, though Criterion took over as lead developer shortly after development began. Struggles in organising development between the two studios – geographically very distant from each other – are said to be the main reason the project’s fell through.

Criterion reportedly “had an ambitious vision for the game, aiming to put a strong focus on story and characters.” Viking was set to launch this year alongside the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and was cancelled when it was clear it would not meet that target.

In addition to the Fallen Order sequel, Kotaku reports that a “smaller, more unusual project” in the Star Wars universe is in development at EA Motive. The report provides no further details on this title.

Games getting cancelled before they ever see the light of day is nothing unusual, though after two previous Star Wars games – codenamed Ragtag and Orca – were nixed, it certainly seems EA is having trouble keeping some of these projects on the rails. The quality of Fallen Order has proven a great Star Wars game can happen under EA, and even Battlefront II has evolved into a quality product, so hopefully the trend of success can continue.