EA Sports FC 24 ditched FIFA, and now it’s making more money

FIFA 24 will never exist, replaced by EA Sports FC following an alleged dispute over licensing costs - but it's actually doing better having ditched FIFA.

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There will be no FIFA 24, only EA Sports FC 24. Following last year’s alleged dispute over licensing costs, EA has decided to fly solo with 2024’s iteration of the highly popular sports game, and it turns out it’s already paying off.

EA Sports FC 24 seems to have actually benefitted from ditching the FIFA branding, as a new report from the Financial Times claims that EA’s new iteration of the age-old football game actually beat out FIFA 2023’s early access stats.

According to FT, EA Sports FC 24 saw 6.8 million players dive into the game’s early access (presumably across all platforms), which marks a 25% increase upon last year’s FIFA 23. The article does highlight, however, that the early access period for EA Sports FC 24 was seven days, as opposed to FIFA 23’s three.

Given the only way to get early access to the game was by purchasing the Ultimate Edition, this means EA pulled in $680 million / £612 million from early access alone (yes, I needed a calculator). Seems to me the series is doing just fine without that FIFA branding.

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While the gameplay remains relatively similar, EA Sports FC 24 has released to a relatively mixed response. Marred with performance issues at launch, the game has struggled to impress longtime fans. FIFA 23 fared similarly, though, with criticisms of every FIFA’s PC ports going back for as long as I can remember.

If you’re planning to dive in and check out the action for yourself, though, we have a list the best EA Sports FC 24 cheap players, as well as a rundown of every stadium in EA Sports FC 24. Personally, Old Trafford is my favorite because I saw Muse there in 2010 – which is besides the point, but a fun random fact either way.