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Best EA FC 24 cheap players for career mode

The best EA FC 24 cheap players are perfect to build a team around if you’re on a budget and for those managers looking for a long-term project.

EA FC 24 cheap players: a football player performs an acrobatic move to score a goal.

Who are the best cheap players in EA FC 24? For most clubs, the idea of signing players like Erling Haaland and Jude Bellingham is nothing but a dream – those players are as close to the finished article as you can get and have both justified their enormous price tags already. Do you always get what you pay for in football, though? Maybe not, as we’ve dug out some diamonds in the rough – cheap players who can grow to become world-beaters in their own right.

When you begin career mode in EA Sports FC 24, you have some decisions to make. Evaluate your team, figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and then use the transfer window to create the most balanced team you can. Whether that’s signing one of the EA FC 24 wonderkids, or trawling the free-agent market, you have to work within the financial confines of your club. For those looking for a great deal though, here are the best FC 24 cheap players.

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Best cheap players in FC 24

Here’s a list of the best cheap players in EA Sports FC 24, along with their club, position, and value:

Player Club Age Position OVR Potential Value
Guillaume Restes Toulouse 17 GK 70 87 1m
Antonio Nusa Club Brugge 17 LM 68 87 2.7m
Julien Duranville Dortmund 16 LM 66 87 775k
Carlos Forbs Ajax 18 RW 70 86 1.5m
Simone Pafundi Udinese 16 CAM 67 86 2.3m
Gianluca Prestianni Velez Sarsfield 16 RM 70 86 1.4m
Paul Wanner SV Elversberg 16 CAM 63 86 425k
Lennon Miller Motherwell 16 CM 59 85 200k
Rodrigo Ribeiro Sporting CP 17 ST 68 84 1.1m

As you’ll see, a lot of these players have lower starting overall ratings but can grow to become FC 24 heroes in their own right, it just takes effort in training, ample exposure to the first time, and most importantly: time.

Guillaume Restes

The Toulouse goalkeeper isn’t the cheapest on the list, but he isn’t far off. For around 1m, you can get a goalkeeper that will eventually become world-class. With a starting OVR of 70, he will also do a job for any lower-league sides and will grow with you as you climb the ranks.

Julien Duranville

You would be hard-pressed to find a better deal in FC 24 than Duranville. Coming in at under 1m, this dynamic left midfielder, with time, can grow to be one of the very best. He plays for the prestigious Dortmund but will consider transferring to a lower-league side if promised enough game time.

Paul Wanner

This creative attacking midfielder costs next to nothing, and will be pulling the strings for your attack in the Champions League in no time at all. Players with this much potential are nearly always worth picking up, even if you just want to sell for a profit later down the line.

Lennon Miller

The real project of the group, Lennon Miller begins FC 24 at a 59 OVR, which is low even for a lower-league side. The Scotsman has a potential of 85, however, so if you persevere, you’ll have a Premier League standard center midfielder on your hands.

Those are some of the best cheap players you can pick up in EA FC 24. Once you’re at the top of the footballing pyramid, it might be worth looking into some of the best FC 24 right backs, and best FC 24 left backs to sure up what is undoubtedly an already-excellent defense. If you’re looking to really dominate your opponents, make sure you pair the best FC 24 formations with the best FC 24 midfielders – your FC 24 stadium will be a fortress in no time.