ECHO forces you to fight dopplegangers who learn from your behaviour


In ECHO your biggest enemy is yourself and how you act, thanks to adaptive AI that learns from your behaviour. 

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ECHO begins with our heroine sent into space on a kind of pilgrimage. She awakes from cryosleep in a grand palace hanging in the black. The interior of the halls don’t follow our earthly rules, shifting and changing, and stretching on for impossible distances.

It’s also filled with copies of yourself that want to kill you. While the palace lights are on, they learn from your behaviour, and the palace turns off the lights to code that behaviour into them. When the light go up and your mimic enemies come at you with whatever skills you just used to keep them at bay.

It’s an interesting setup, making it so you’re afraid to use every weapon at your disposal, in case they’re turned on you around the next corner. Of course, in the darkness anything goes. If you missed it, here’s theECHO reveal trailerfrom a while back

Check out the new gameplay trailer below: