Egoraptor, aka Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson, now playable in Guitar Hero

Egoraptor, also known as Arin Hanson of YouTube series Game Grumps, and famous for Metal Gear Solid and Halo “Awesome” videos, is now playable in Guitar Hero

Egoraptor, aka Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson, now playable in Guitar Hero: Egoraptor as they appear in rhythm game Guitar Hero: World Tour

Egoraptor, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid, Halo, and Resident Evil “Awesome” videos, and also known as Arin Hanson of the YouTube series Game Grumps, is now playable in Guitar Hero: World Tour because, well, this is videogames – this is what they do.

Iron Man, Gru from Despicable Me, a Transformer – Guitar Hero mods have already created the planet’s weirdest supergroup, turning the defining rhythm game into a kind of post Netflix binge fever dream, where you’re on stage at Glastonbury with the whole cast of Toy Story.

If you’ve ever seen Lightsaber Fightsaber, Metal Gear Awesome, or Just a Pokemon Battle, you’ll know Egoraptor more than deserves a place in this wonderfully bizarre ensemble – a new mod, with the surprisingly sober title Arin Hanson Custom Character, finally ensconces the YouTuber among the surreal World Tour pantheon.

Egoraptor first came to prominence creating flash animations for DeviantArt and Newgrounds. They’ve performed as a voice actor in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Rick and Morty, and long-running Halo machinima series Red vs. Blue. Game Grumps, which has over five million subscribers on YouTube, is co-hosted by musician Dan Avidan – who is also now playable in Guitar Hero.

Both the Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan mods are created by AngelLeyend, who’s also released World Tour avatars for John Cena, Ivan the Space Biker – better known as the original, beta version of Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman – and a terrifying kids’ show-Radiohead mashup called Thomas the Thom Yorke. You can download all these wonderful creations from Nexus Mods.

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