There’s a new Elden Ring exploit that corrupts your save

There's a nasty new Elden Ring exploit that allows a multiplayer opponent to invade you, cause infinite falling, and mess up your save file. Yikes.

An Elden Ring exploit in PvP multiplayer is mucking up save files

There’s a scary new Elden Ring exploit going around that allows an invading opponent to crash your game and mess up your save file – so you become stuck in an infinite falling death loop and are unable to continue the open-world game. Scary stuff, for sure.

Elden Ring is one of the best RPGs on PC and certainly an early contender for game of the year, but it’s by no means perfect – or unassailable. While there are some fun tricks and traps you can play on unsuspecting opponents in the game’s multiplayer modes, it turns out that there are terrifying hacks doing the rounds too.

This particular hack is less of a security exploit than the trouble in Dark Souls earlier this year, but it’s no less aggravating. Basically, what happens is the hacker joins your game as a seemingly regular invader and hacks your game so it crashes. When you load back up your save, you’ll find your character stuck in an infinite falling death loop and unable to continue.

There is a fix, fortunately, as discovered by users on Reddit. Before you die, Alt + F4 to quit the game, while will give you a little more time when you re-load. Then, quickly press the buttons to pull up the map, then, the list of Sites of Grace (Triangle on PlayStation pad, ‘Y’ on Xbox), then confirm. Do this quick enough and you’ll be warped to a random Site of Grace and be able to continue. It’s tough to do this quick enough, however, so you may need to try it a few times.

Alternatively, stay off of Elden Ring PvP multiplayer on PC until a new patch is released by Bandai Namco. We’ve reached out to the publisher for comment and will update this post if they respond.

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