Players are upset about Elden Ring’s lobsters

Players are upset about Elden Ring crawfish. Or Elden Ring lobsters. The debate rages on.

The great Elden Ring lobster v crawfish debate rages

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has some of the best enemy design in any RPG on PC – including some fantastic bosses – but it’s the Giant Lobsters that seem to be causing the most upset in the community, including a lot of debate. The question players have is, are they actually crawfish?

Just like all the best Dark Souls-like games on PC, Elden Ring is stuffed with a range of amazing monsters, but the ones causing the most problems right now are the Giant Lobsters. Mostly found in Liurnia of the Lakes and in some caves to the north-west, these crustaceans are far quicker and have a longer range than the Giant Crabs found in Limgrave.

However, it’s not their danger levels that have players so upset, it’s the argument whether or not they’re actually lobsters at all. Some players are insisting that they’re crawfish or crayfish instead. The source of the debate is the fact that lobsters are saltwater-based, whereas Elden Ring’s monsters mostly hang around lakes and swamps.

Bring it up on Twitter and be prepared for an argument, either way. It doesn’t help that crayfish are sometimes known as “freshwater lobsters” anyway, or the more popular “rock lobster“.

To make matters more complicated, the game itself brings crayfish into the debate.

Either way, don’t let yourself get grabbed by those claws. It won’t end well for you.