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Elden Ring remade as a horror game, so just don’t blink

Doctor Who's Weeping Angels come to The Lands Between with a new Elden Ring mod from the same person that made it a first-person game.

Elden Ring mod Weeping angles: a knight stood looking at the screen, with a many armed creature lunging at him from behind

Fans of Doctor Who will be all too familiar with the Elden Ring mod I’m about to describe, as it basically turns all of The Lands Between into a horror game. From the same FromSoftware modder that made Elden Ring entirely first-person comes another mod that does something way too intense for my blood, but still has me morbidly curious to try it out.

From modder ‘Dasaav’ comes Elden Ring’s ‘Sinister Statues,’ making the FromSoftware open-world game even more oppressive than it already is. If you watched Doctor Who back in the day your mind will immediately be cast back to one of the show’s greatest-ever episodes, Blink.

I won’t spoil too much, but the episode centers on the Weeping Angels, statues that only move when you can’t see them, and that includes, well, blinking. This is exactly what the Elden Ring mod borrows, and it’s as terrifying as you’d imagine.

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From the developer of the incredible Elden Ring FPS mod, Sinister Statues ensures that any enemy NPC that isn’t in your line of sight or on screen is immobile. Once you get into combat or are seen by an enemy, however, a panic-inducing blinking mechanic sets in. You can even combine the statue and FPS mods, which makes it even harder and almost makes Elden Ring an entirely new game.

Now you’re in combat you’ll start blinking at regular intervals. You can hold the item pouch button to stop blinking temporarily, and release it early to blink and reset your timer. When you can’t see the enemies (or are blinking) then, they’ll move and attack you. You’re at the whims of something we all do thousands of times a day without even thinking about it, so good luck.

You can download the Elden Ring mod for yourself right here, but be warned that you may very well turn the game into an experience that’ll haunt your dreams, just as Blink did for so many of us.

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