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Elden Ring becomes an amazing FPS game with new mod available now

This Elden Ring mod gives you a modern King's Field experience, as it turns the open-world into an FPS game with staggering thought and detail.

Elden Ring becomes an amazing FPS game with new mod available now

Despite only being out for a year, there are already some great Elden Ring mods out there. Talented modders are making FromSoftware’s biggest game even bigger, and now you can even take a trip back in time to one of the developer’s proto-Souls games, King’s Field, by turning Elden Ring into an FPS game – no, I’m not joking.

First Person Souls was developed and released by modder ‘Dasaav’ last month, and it’s a truly astounding piece of work. The core gameplay mechanics have been adjusted in Elden Ring to make this project work alongside the established open-world game, minus a few tweaks.

Expect slightly different crosshairs, attack direction indicators, animation head tracking, and some changes to your movement and how the game feels to play, to make it more in line with an FPS.

Check out the frankly astounding video showing off the Elden Ring mod below.

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You can even enter first and third-person mode independently once the Elden Ring mod is installed, with first-person also having a free look mode if you fancy getting loads of beautiful screenshots. The movement is inspired by an older FromSoftware title, King’s Field, allowing you to attack while simultaneously controlling your movement.

While the camera is attached to the character model’s head for some movements, the running, image zoom for ranged weapons, and the movement of the player’s arms are all changed to be smooth in first-person, striking a balance between changing small details and having Elden Ring remain mechanically untouched.

Elden Ring becomes an amazing FPS game with new mod available now

The fact this FPS Elden Ring mod aims to make the game fully work in first-person, while tweaking just enough to give it the old-school King’s Field feel is brilliant. It gives The Lands Between a new lease on life while leaving the core of the adventure intact.

If you’re interested in attempting Elden Ring with a new look, you can find the page for First Person Souls right here.

While diving back into FromSoftware’s magnum opus with this mod, you’ll probably want a refresh on key parts of the game as you play, which is why we’ve got a breakdown of all the Elden Ring bosses, the best Elden Ring builds, and the best Elden Ring classes alongside their stats and keepsakes.