These Elden Ring mods add Final Fantasy 7 cosplay to The Lands Between

A new set of Elden Ring mods lets you swap your normal Tarnished for a familiar villain in the RPG, but only if you can prove yourself first

If your Tarnished is looking a bit like a goody-two-shoes, a new set of Elden Ring mods inspired by Final Fantasy 7 may just be the makeover you need in the action RPG. Mod creator Tailmaget designed a Sephiroth mod for your playable character in the vein of the one-winged angel’s final form, and a fancy skin for Malenia’s sword so it matches the original Safer-Sephiroth’s weapon. If you want to claim the mods for yourself, though, it’ll take a bit of work and is probably better suited to a New Game+ run, since the mods work with a select few pieces of Elden Ring armor and a weapon you can only obtain late in the game.

The Safer-Sephiroth player model is compatible with:

  • Crucible Tree Helm
  • Crucible Tree Armor
  • Radahn’s Gauntlets
  • Radahn’s Greaves

The Radahn items come from Radahn, no surprises there, and the Crucible Tree pieces are part of the full Crucible Tree set, which you find in a chest down in the Deeproot Depths after overcoming the Crucible Knight Siluria. You can enter Deeproot Depths after defeating Radahn. Siluria is in a spot northwest of the coffin teleportal, so if you’ve completed Ranni’s quest, you should be fairly familiar with the area.

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That’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting the sword for the Sephiroth mod. It requires the Hand of Malenia, which, as you can probably guess, only comes from Malenia. You need to defeat the boss, give Enia her Remembrance, and purchase the sword for the mod to work. It’s tough, but at least it’s just one Malenia.

Assuming you have all that in order, then you’re good to go.

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