Here’s your final Elden Ring non-news of 2020


Of all the bad things to befall the world in 2020, the lack of Elden Ring news is admittedly pretty low on the list, but we here at PCGamesN have been looking sympathetically toward the plight of the Elden Ring subreddit for some time. The void has been sucking away all word of Elden Ring this year, and while I still wouldn’t call what I’m about to write ‘news’, per se, it is at least a tiny morsel of Elden Ring content for you to sample.

“Our sincerest thanks go out to everyone who voted for Elden Ring at TGA, and to all of you who continue to support us,” producer Yasuhiro Kitao says on Twitter, referencing the title’s win of the fan-voted ‘most anticipated’ title at The Game Awards. “By virtue of those who play our games and continue to hold us to a high standard, we can forge ahead with development undaunted and highly motivated. Thank you.”

Kitao continues, “It seems the world might not be mended for a while yet, but please take care of yourselves and enjoy the New Year in good spirits and good health. See you in 2021.”

There you have it, friends. The Elden Ring devs are “undaunted and highly motivated”. I’m not sure what that means in practical terms, but at least they’re feeling good. I hope you’re feeling good heading into 2021, too. We can all enjoy not receiving Elden Ring news until that magical day when we finally do.

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