Elden Ring ray tracing settings could arrive soon

It appears that Elden Ring ray tracing settings may soon be on the cards, with developer FromSoftware finally making good on its promise to deliver the option

Elden Ring ray tracing: Ranni, an NPC from the FromSoftware RPG game, smiles towards you

Elden Ring ray tracing settings remain missing in action, despite developer FromSoftware promising to deliver the graphics feature for some time now. However, it seems the latest patch for the RPG game could be laying the groundwork for The Lands Between to become all the prettier if you’ve the right hardware.

While there are no official mention of Elden Ring ray tracing settings in the 1.07 update, FromSoftware game hacker Lance McDonald claims to have found references buried in the game’s code. McDonald says they’ve discovered “menu strings related to ray tracing features”, and posts screenshots of their findings.

Contained with the screenshots is text that will likely appear in the Elden Ring’s options menu once ray tracing is enabled, which indicate that toggling on the graphics feature “will lock performance settings to prioritise quality.” It’s unclear what this means at this point in time, but it’s likely that you’ll need to use the game’s ‘High’ or ‘Max’ preset.

You don’t need the best graphics card on the market these days to enjoy ray tracing settings, but we imagine the Elden Ring system requirements may change in the wake of this feature’s addition.