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This mechanical keyboard has RGB lighting that can mirror your actions in any game

"The keyboard detects, recognises, and syncs effects with critical utility moments and events in any game"

Cutting edge gaming peripherals company Whirlwind FX has unveiled its brand new creation: the Element keyboard. And it’s an exciting innovation if immersion’s your thing – it’s “the first content-reactive mechanical keyboard to auto-sync dynamic RGB lighting effects using on-screen analysis for event recognition” using any game.

That’s according to Whirlwind FX, the company behind Vortx, in a press release, which unveils the new kit, along with a trailer offering a close-up look. You can take a look at this below. As it explains, the Element keyboard “augments a user’s environment using industry-first extensions to sync dynamic RGB lighting effects” which work off of recognition events for “top triple-A” games”.

This means, unlike many other comparable keyboards that use a specific set of developer integrations to provide synchronised effects for players, Element uses game extensions instead. This method lets it “enable content-reactive, customisable illumination within any game”, using “patented Experience Engine (EX) technology”. That means big moments in your gameplay – such as explosions, healing, or taking a few knocks – create neat, synchronised effects, like “LED patterns, bursts of colour, and particle systems”.

If you’re keen to get a good look at the Whirlwind FX Element keyboard (and all the pretty effects), check out the trailer below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Element keyboard’s already available, and you can grab it on Amazon’s US site for $99.99 here (it doesn’t appear to be available on the UK site) or on Whirlwind’s site here.

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