Elgato’s new capture cards make high-speed 4K streaming a reality

With up to 8K 60Hz or 1080p 240Hz passthrough and 4K 144Hz recording, the Elgato 4K X and 4K Pro will ensure your viewers don't miss any detail.

elgato 4k pro x capture cards

Elgato has just unveiled its latest and most powerful capture devices yet, in the shape of the Elgato 4K X and 4K Pro. Able to capture 4K at high frame rates, and even passthrough 8K video, they should ensure even the most pixel-peeping viewers of Twitch or YouTube will see every detail.

The new contenders for our best capture card guide build on Elgato’s long pedigree in creating pro-level video capture devices, and then turn up the speeds and feeds a notch.

Starting with the Elgato 4K X, this standalone USB-C device allows for capture of content from any HDMI 2.1 source, providing simultaneous passthrough (so you can hook up your main monitor to the capture card and still play without delay) and capture of up to 4K content at a 144Hz frame rate. It’s compatible with Windows, Macs, and even some iPads. It also supports variable refresh rate and HDR10.

As for the Elgato 4K Pro, this expansion card device is designed to be fitted to dedicated game-capture PCs. This card is for high-end streamers and YouTubers who have a separate PC dedicated to capturing their stream, leaving their main PC for gaming only.

It steps up a notch from the 4K X by offering 8K 60Hz passthrough with HDR10, as well as 4K 60Hz HDR10 capture, plus it can deliver 1080p at 240Hz passthrough without introducing lag to your gaming monitor. Meanwhile, multi-app support means you can also choose to stream to one app while recording to another, all via the single 4x PCIe 2.0 connection.

As you might expect, these high-end capture devices don’t come cheap, with the Elgato 4K X price being $230, while the Elgato 4K Pro price is $280. If you are in the market for such a device, though, you won’t have to wait as both devices are out now, and available to buy directly from Elgato’s website.

If these new Elgato cards are out of your price range, check out our best capture cards guide for more recommendations.