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Elgato debuts a new teleprompter for streamers

The Elgato Promptor has a built-in 9inch 1024 x 600 pixel display, and is compatible with not just Elgato banded webcams, but DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon.

An image of the Elgato Prompter with a black background.

Elgato has become so synonymous with PC streaming hardware over the years, that regardless of your live-streaming experiences, if you’ve ever dabbled in playing games to an online audience, it’s likely you have some experience with one of its products. Adding to the plethora of streaming peripherals already available today, Elgato has announced the Prompter, a teleprompter designed to help elevate your streaming PC setup.

Elgato is highly regarded as producing some of the best PC hardware to aid streamers, from high-quality webcams, streaming decks, to the best in ring lights and general lighting accessories. With this in mind, it comes to no surprise that Elgato is behind the newly announced Prompter, possibly one of the coolest pieces of PC streaming hardware revealed in a long time.

The Elgato Prompter can be attached to a compatible camera, or webcam, to help “connect you to your audience with natural eye contact”, just as a teleprompter works within the television industry. While it’s not the first streaming teleprompter to exist, unlike its competitors it doesn’t require the aid of a smartphone to function. The device, which is powered via a single USB cable to your PC, can mirror scripts, your stream chat or anything you see fit, on its own with its built-in 9 inch display, with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Windows from your PC can be dragged and dropped, or easily mirrored to the Prompter, to allow for a streamlined streaming process.

The Elgato Prompter is compatible with multiple different cameras, from the brand’s very own Facecam Pro, to various different branded DLSR cameras you may have as part of your current setup. It’s also designed with other Elgato products in mind, being able to be controlled by the Stream Deck through a downloadable plug-in. Giving you the ability to control the Prompter through just the pressing of a key, turn of a dial, or even the tap of your foot.

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The Elgato Prompter, is currently available to pre-order on the Elgato storefront for $279.99/£279.99, with the website noting that you can expect the brand-new addition to your streaming set-up coming to your door sometime in December. While the teleprompter doesn’t come cheap, the price point feels justified when you’re essentially receiving an extra display for your streaming setup.

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