A Carrie Fisher tribute is coming to Elite: Dangerous in update 2.3

Carrie Fisher

It’s difficult to talk about a recent icon’s death without placing the blame firmly at the feet of 2016 – it’s truly been a terrible year for bad news. Celebrity deaths have been a common theme, and the passing of these idols is a sad reminder of one’s own mortality. Everyone thought Bowie was immortal, right?

The most recent victim of 2016 was Carrie Fisher, an actress and writer best known for her role as Princess (or General) Leia in the Star Wars films. Fisher was many things: a spokesperson for mental health; a quick-witted feminist; a talented writer; a Hollywood script doctor; an actress and much, much more.

Fisher once joked about being remembered for Star Wars despite her other achievements, saying, “Princess Leia will be on my tombstone”. Still, it’s because of Star Wars that most got to learn of the inspirational life Fisher led, so it’s fitting that she’s going to be honoured in Elite: Dangerous – another fictional universe among the stars.

In a post on the Frontier Forums about Fisher’s passing, executive producer Michael Brookes announced the tribute: “Sad news indeed,” he said. “A ‘Fisher’s Rest’ outpost will be added to the game in the 2.3 release.”

Fisher won’t be the first famous face to get a memorial in Frontier’s space sim. Back in 2015, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy got his very own space station, aptly orbiting planet Vulcan. That same year also saw the naming of ‘Pratchett’s Disc’, a starport added to the game in honour of DiscWorld author Sir Terry Pratchett.

The Elite: Dangerous 2.3 update is due early 2017.

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