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Elite: Dangerous is getting a new PvP mode on PC and Mac - but it’ll dock with Xbox One first

Elite: Dangerous

Despite a growing fleet of competition, there’s still no other space dogfighter with a vacuum quite so atmospheric as Elite: Dangerous. Good news, then: Frontier’s crowdfunded sequel is getting a new PvP mode. It’s acronymed CQC and due sometime this year on PC.

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The Close Quarter Championships are, we’re told, the “ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest”. Players pick from the Sidewinder, Eagle or new Federal Fighter, fine-tune their loadouts, and fight in custom-built arenas – where they can earn XP to unlock new weapons, modules and abilities.

The new mode was announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference, and will come to Xbox One first in July – although Frontier have said it’ll arrive on PC and Mac before the end of the year.

Elite: Dangerous was mentioned as part of the Xbox One’s ‘game preview’ program – a clever take on Early Access that pushes prototypes and unfinished builds out to players for free. Elite arrived on the console yesterday, which merited a swish new trailer we can all enjoy:

The last update to come to Elite: Dangerous was Powerplay, and introduced factional fisticuffs. Have you piloted since then?