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The Type-10 Defender is Elite Dangerous’ answer to the Thargoid invasion

elite dangerous type 10 defender thargoid

Frontier have released a new ship to help players fight the rising tide of aliens. The Type-10 Defender is specifically designed to take down Thargoids, it’s heavily armed and heavily armoured, making it perfect for going toe-to-toe with the mysterious aliens destroying space stations throughout the galaxy.

Players have been studying Elite Dangerous’ Thargoids for months.

The Type-10 defender was announced on Twitter, and with it specifically mentioning “the Thargoid threat” it certainly seems like the ramp up to a full on war in 2018:

According to a post on the Elite Dangerous forums, the Type-10 is “a military behemoth specifically built for combat and absorbing heavy hits. It’s available now from most Alliance-controlled, high-tech systems.”

The post also showed off the ship looking particularly glorious.

elite dangerous type 10 defender thargoid

elite dangerous type 10 defender thargoid

Hopefully, it’s not all for show and can actually survive a scrape with the Thargoids.