Empire of Sin mods – everything you need to know

There aren't any mods available right now, so here's what we know regarding when they're coming

Empire of Sin is a criminal strategy game set in prohibition-era Chicago. You choose from one one of several historically inspired mob bosses from the era, and must lead your gang to become the ruler of the city’s underworld.

You start the game with a safehouse and some low-level businesses, but through guile, wealth, or in most cases, brute force, you can slowly expand your holdings and your control over your local suburb, and then the rest of Chicago. In your way will be rival mobs for the most part, but you’ve also got the city police to contend with as well. The strategic layer plays out in real-time, but there’s also a tactical turn-based strategy part for combat.

It’s a strategy game that skews towards the sandbox, with plenty of potential for mods. New crime bosses, new business types, new weapons or characters… they’ll be the obligatory Star Wars mod too, of course. It all depends how detailed Paradox and Romero Games make the mod tools. If you’re eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into the wonderful world of Empire of Sins mods, we’ve got some news for you.

Empire of Sin mods

At the time of writing, there aren’t any Empire of Sins mods available in any of the usual places. ModDB, Nexus, Steam Workshop, even the Paradox forum currently have no user modifications available to download.

This is because dedicated mod support has yet to be activated in the game. It will be coming in the upcoming ‘Precinct’ update, which is due out later this year. It will represent the first phase of mod support for the strategy game, with future phases adding more tools for modders.

It will focus on enabling Steam Workshop support as well as Paradox’s own modding library, and mods will be accessible via the in-game launcher.


John Romero talked about mods in an interview with wccftech.com back in July 2019: “Definitely. Empire of Sin’s engine was started from the ground up to be a moddable architecture. The game can be fully modded on the PC, including programming. We will be releasing lots of the game’s Lua code as a starting point for modders.”

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We’ll update this guide as new information comes out regarding Empire of Sins mod. In the meantime, you can read our Empire of Sin review.