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Endless Space 2 teases new content, and it looks like the return of the Vaulters faction

endless space 2 vaulters

It looks like Endless Space 2 is getting a new content update, and we won’t be waiting very long to see it. The ENFER account on Twitter, which hosted an ARG around the game’s original release, started spinning back up this week. That’s culminated in a brief video announcing the “End of the Voyage” coming January 18.

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So what does that tease actually mean? Apparently the return of the Vaulters from the original Endless Space: Disharmony expansion and Endless Legend. The robot face in the video looks a whole lot like Vaulters hero Opbot, and a bit of the Vaulters theme starts playing at the ten second mark.

The Vaulters would likely see some form of their teleport ability return, which let them instantly transport fleets across the galaxy. Of course, trying to extract any real detail from a 16 second teaser is an exercise in futility, so we’ll be waiting until next Thursday for any further info.

Endless Space 2 has seen a number of free updates already from new heroes to bigger explosions, but there’s no telling if this will be a similarly free expansion or if we’ll finally be moving into paid DLC.