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New soulslike massively twists the genre, and you can try it very soon

Enotria The Last Song is one of the most distinctive upcoming soulslikes, and it has a demo you can try for free on Steam really soon.

Enotria The Last Song Steam demo soon: a person in spanish-inspired armor with a helmet/mask that has a moustache on it

A demo for the Italian folklore-inspired soulslike Enotria: The Last Song is almost here. Trading the grimdark fantasy of Lordran’s dingy streets for sun-lit cobbles and red terracotta roofs, Jyamma Games’ twist on a genre so often predicated on dead worlds and collapsed civilizations looks like a breath of fresh air. With a setting propped up by tradition, music, and an inventive mask mechanic, Enotria is a soulslike to watch out for, and you can try it on Steam real soon.

Enotria: The Last Song is set in a world under siege by the Canovaccio – an eternal play that puts everything in stasis. You’re the only one that can put an end to this, of course, by donning the masks of enemies you defeat and using their playstyles against them, in a convoluted game of rock, paper, scissors. Having three masks and loadouts you can switch between on the fly, this soulslike game wants you to experiment, and that’s one of the many reasons I’ve been keeping an eye on it.

A world inspired by Italian folklore isn’t the only thing Enotria has to set itself apart from the last decade of Dark Souls imitators, as the ‘Ardore’ mechanic wants to give you more control over the landscape itself. Similar to Lords of the Fallen’s umbral lamp, you’ll be able to swap between environments to solve puzzles and find secrets as you explore, defeat bosses, and build your loadouts.

There are even over 120 weapons spread across eight classes, 45 spells, 68 skills, and a whopping 150 million build combinations. Having three loadouts on the go is also Jyamma’s way of letting you play “without the burden of a respec,” because no one likes realizing you put your points into the wrong stats.

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Amid all these new ideas Enotria’s core won’t be lost on anyone who has played Dark Souls. You still need to break your enemy’s posture, explore every nook and cranny of the world for items, and beat challenging but fair fights to succeed.

Between trading sunken cities for the sun, the unique mask-switching mechanic, and a focus on player creativity Enotria is one of my most anticipated soulslikes that isn’t Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. As much as I adored the new ideas in last year’s Lords of the Fallen, the setting left a lot to be desired. Enotria on the other hand is going for something I’ve never seen before, which has me excited to try it out when the demo launches really soon.

The Enotria: The Last Song demo is coming to Steam on Wednesday May 22, with the full launch date dropping on Wednesday September 18. Enotria’s initial release date was the same as FromSoftware’s Elden Ring DLC, before the team delayed it by a few months, deeming it “suicidal” to launch alongside Shadow of the Erdtree.

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