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Enshrouded devs are prioritizing Steam Deck support

After revealing its 2024 content roadmap, Steam Deck support was a standout feature, with Keen Games committing to support later this year.

A screenshot from Enshrouded showing a player fighting two enemies with a steam deck laid over it

Whenever a new game is released on Steam, questions are raised about its Steam Deck compatibility. There’s no shortage of great games to play on Valve’s handheld, but the team behind Enshrouded is hoping that its survival game will be at the top of everyone’s lists.

And that’s because Keen Games has just shared its early access roadmap for 2024 and right at the top of the list is support for one of the best handheld gaming PCs.

A snippet of the Enshrouded roam map for 2024 displaying Steam Deck support

Support for PC gaming handhelds, not just the Steam Deck, is a no-brainer for any developer who wants to see its games thrive in the long term.

Enshrouded currently fails Valve’s Steam Deck compatibility testing due to an inability to alter the graphics settings to a point where it runs well on the handheld. The idea behind the rating system is that any game rated playable or verified can boot up and recognize the hardware that the Steam Deck is running, and adjust its graphical settings accordingly.

This saves you from having to run benchmarks or run trial and error testing to get the game running with acceptable performance. What this means is that even when a game is unsupported, it may very well run on the Steam Deck, but just not to the standard that Valve requires for its testing.

In its current state, Enshrouded can be played on the Steam Deck, but at best you’re looking at a 40fps average on the ‘performance’ global settings. With optimization, the game will likely see both its visual fidelity and performance improved, and who knows – that might just be enough to earn a spot on our best Steam Deck games list.