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Massive Steam survival game success gets a huge new update

Enshrouded, the hit Steam game that mixes Elden Ring style fantasy with Palworld survival systems, has just received its first major update.

Steam survival game hit gets first big update: A skeletal demon, from Enshrouded.

Enshrouded is one of the most exciting survival games to come out in years. Even with rivals like Palworld competing for players’ attention, bringing Rust and Valheim style survival design together with the dark fantasy setting of Elden Ring or Dragon’s Dogma 2 has made Enshrouded stand out in a crowded genre. Now, just a couple of months after it first hit Early Access, creator Keen Games has launched the first big update for its project with the massive Hollow Halls, out now on Steam.

Enshrouded‘s Hollow Halls update brings plenty of new environments to explore, items to collect, and enemies to defeat to the hit survival game. Among these are the new Hollow Halls areas, which bring tough new challenges and monsters, with accompanying rewards, to each of the game’s biomes. (Keen Games notes that players should prepare well before taking these on, and recommends bringing friends along to help, even though completing them solo is possible.) There are also new weapons and crafting recipes to check out, additional quests that highlight the Hollow Halls additions to complete, and more.

The update provides a whole lot of performance improvements and tweaks to the game’s world and systems as well. Most importantly, Enshrouded now supports frame rates higher than 60hz and has added new features meant to make multiplayer communication and resource sharing smoother, like pinging and the option to split or stack crafted items.

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