Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is here… as an unofficial isometric shooter


In August, Half-Life’s lead writer Marc Laidlaw published a so-called ‘fan fiction’ that revealed what would’ve been the plot of Half-Life 2: Episode 3, had he ever had the chance to make it. It inspired a game jam, the object of which is to realise this episode and finally bring us all a little bit of closure. The latest submission is Expo Decay, by developer Owen Deery.

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Owen says he didn’t want to retread – and in any case couldn’t match – Valve’s first-person shooters, so Expo Decay takes an isometric perspective. He aims to combine “the action of Half-Life with something more quickly accessible, like Lego: Star Wars or Hotline Miami,” Owen says.

“The combat evolved into something really fun, so I also included an arena mode so players can blast Combine and Zombie hordes infinitely! Along with this came a few mutators (like Big Head mode) to add some variety.”

Expo Decay is out today, and can be downloaded through its page at Owen’s site(you can name your own price). To browse the other entries to Epistle 3, which closes tomorrow, headhere.