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Metal Gear Solid meets Assassin’s Creed in new Steam platformer

Channelling the stealth of Metal Gear Solid and the slick assassinations of Assassin's Creed, this new Steam platformer looks amazing.

Metal Gear Solid meets Assassin's Creed in new Steam platformer: A shadowy woman wearing a white mask with glowing eyes and a black hood emerges from shadow into light

I’m a sucker for all things dark and eerie. As someone who keeps making Lasombra vampires for her Vampire: The Masquerade sessions and always chooses the stealth route in any videogame she plays, Ereban: Shadow Legacy looks like the perfect game for me. With colorful Cyberpunk 2077-style visuals, Assassin’s Creed’s flashy assassinations, and the sci-fi stealth focus of Metal Gear Solid, this new Steam platformer is one you won’t want to miss.

Baby Robot Games’ stealth game thrusts you into the shoes of Ayana, the lone survivor of a long-forgotten but powerful people that can bend the shadows to their will. As the universe around her falls into despair, it’s up to her to turn the tide in Ereban: Shadow Legacy – but how she does it is up to you.

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Will you tear your way through hordes of enemies? Or use Shadow Merge to become one with the darkness and avoid them entirely? Your choices will define Ayana’s journey as she carves her path to the truth, so choose wisely.

But no assassin’s arsenal is complete without a few handy, lethal gadgets. You’ll be able to craft myriad different weapons and ordnance, and upgrade your shadowy abilities with echoes. Some abilities are more stealthy, while others favor all-out brawling; in Ereban, you can play your way.

A masked woman with blue hair drops down on a robot from above, assassinating it

As someone who has spent oh so many nights padding through the rain-soaked streets of Night City, Ereban’s neo-dystopian world is absolutely perfect for a choom like me. The game’s visuals, coupled with the stealth-based combat make it the most Lauren game I’ve ever seen, and I really can’t wait to see what it’s blossomed into since I saw the first snippets of gameplay last year.

If you too are intrigued, Ereban: Shadow Legacy is available on Steam now. You can pick it up for $22.49 / £18.89 until Wednesday April 17, before it goes up to its base price of $24.99 / £20.99.

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