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New story-led game from ex Battlefield dev offers a stunning surprise

With veterans from Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, and Little Nightmares, River End Games reveals new stealth narrative adventure Eriksholm.

Eriksholm Steam announcement: a young woman looks past the camera in a close up shot, with a red shirt and grey shawl around her shoulders

If I told you veterans from across Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge, Little Nightmares, and more were making a debut game for a new studio, what type of game comes to mind? Some sort of phobia-inducing parkour shooter sounds like it would blend all three, but the debut release from River End Games is anything but. The newly announced Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream is a narrative-driven isometric stealth game, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Set upon the backdrop of the titular city of Eriksholm, a Nordic-inspired city with an early 20th-century aesthetic, this is a narrative single-player game with a focus on stealth. You’ll control one of three characters, sneaking between the densely packed city streets while avoiding guards and learning about each of their stories – with each united by the urge to break off the shackles of their oppressors.

In the debut release from River End Games, veterans from across series like Unraveled, Little Nightmares, Mirror’s Edge, and even Battlefield are lending their expertise to this stealth adventure. Comprising a team of just 15 developers, Eriksholm has been revealed as part of the Future Game Show summer showcase, and you can expect it to be released sometime next year.

Headed by Battlefield 2 lead designer Anders Hejdenberg, you can check out the debut trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

The story we see in the trailer is of one of the three protagonists, Hanna, an orphan on a mission to find and save her brother Herman before a situation out of her control spirals into turning her into a symbol for change. While it trades the over-the-shoulder perspective for an isometric one, I can’t help but draw comparisons to A Plague Tale with Eriksholm. A story-rich stealth game with a deeply personal narrative certainly sounds similar, but you switch France for Northern Europe in the 1900s.

Each of Eriksholm’s three characters will also have their own skills, tools, and weapons to help navigate the world and solve puzzles, with most challenges presenting multiple solutions if you explore enough. Perhaps you can jimmy open a window, or those loud boastful guards can let a key piece of information slip – as long as you survey your surroundings and watch your back, the solutions will always present themselves.

All in all I’m incredibly excited for Eriksholm. It’s already got a stunning world and visuals, with the isometric gameplay juxtaposed by some of the best-looking cutscenes in the business. I can’t wait to see more, especially from the other two protagonists River End Games has cooking.

Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream is coming to PC and consoles sometime in 2025, but you can wishlist it on Steam as of right now.

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