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Escape From Tarkov reveals compensation plans, with limited PvE access

Following a backlash to the Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition and its new offline PvE mode, Battlestate Games details a compensation plan.

Escape From Tarkov backpedals on PvE plans, offering limited-time access - A man with a crew cut stands in front of a blackboard looking thoughtful.

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games will provide rewards to owners of its Edge of Darkness Edition following backlash over a new game mode. The newly announced EFT Unheard Edition provides buyers with several upgrades, including an offline PvE mode with persistent progression. This led to criticism – the previous EOD Edition promised buyers “free access to all subsequent DLCs,” but even those players were expected to buy an upgrade to access the upcoming PvE mode. Now, a new compensation package includes access to the mode, but only for a limited time.

The new Escape From Tarkov Unheard Edition is priced at €250 ($268.53/£214.40) and provides buyers with a unique melee weapon, increased stash space, expanded PMC pockets, and more slots for the in-game flea market, along with the co-op PvE zone mode with its persistent progression, which will not be reset with wipes like the game’s regular online mode.

Owners of the Edge of Darkness edition, the previous premium offering for the tactical FPS game that was removed from sale in January, are required to purchase an upgrade to access the new mode. The currently advertised price for this is €95 ($101.88/£81.45) before tax, or €118.46 ($127.04/£101.56) with tax included.

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All of this has left players voicing criticism of the decision, with owners of the EOD Edition confused why this new edition is not considered part of the “free access to all subsequent DLCs” that was listed in the edition they bought. Today, Friday April 26, Battlestate Games has announced a new package that will be provided to EOD owners as a make-good, and it includes access to the new mode, but only for a limited six-month window.

“Hello Tarkov citizens,” Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov writes in a post shared via the game’s Reddit page. “To honor the owners of the EOD version and their indelible importance and role in the EFT universe, we plan to add the following new unique features to the EOD Edition.”

The list of new features can be seen below, but the biggest among them is high-priority matchmaking and access to the offline PvE mode for six months.

  • Faster return of insured items
  • Increased personal trader buying limits by 20%
  • Increased basic PMC karma (when it will be implemented)
  • Access to unique hideout craft
  • Increased basic charisma skill
  • Special quest line with increased pockets side as a reward
  • Ability to skip two daily quests per day free of charge
  • Unique dog tag
  • Unique armband
  • Unique set of clothing
  • Unique “Legacy” device
  • High priority matching for EOD owners for six months
  • Access to offline PVE for EOD owners for six months

“We will provide these changes and additions as fast as possible,” Buyanov continues. “Temporary access to PvE will be provided as soon as we reinforce server infrastructure of that particular game mode for a wider audience, because we use totally different servers for that and [right] now there are a really limited amount of them.”

Escape From Tarkov - Message from Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov.

The response from players has been one of incredulity at the offering, and the limited-time access to the new mode in particular. “Make PvE permanent for EOD buyers,” one user writes. “It is a future DLC. That’s not enough, BSG.” “This is just more pay-to-win stuff,” another writes, “not what we wanted. Stop adding random pay-to-win features, monetize your game cosmetically if you’re bleeding funds. Your game is great, stop ruining it.”

“Today is the day that Tarkov died,” one commenter remarks. Many are less reserved in their sentiments. The proposed package doesn’t seem to have satisfied EFT’s Edge of Darkness owners, then, but as things stand it’s all they’re set to receive. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments from Battlestate Games.

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