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Humble’s latest DIY bundle will fill out your grand strategy DLC collection

Complete your collection your own way with this latest Paradox bundle

Three rulers from Crusader Kings 3 and Europa Universalis 4 appear in a composite illustration.

If you’re a fan of Paradox strategy games, whether it be the grand strategy epics or city-builder games like Cities: Skylines, you’ll be used to there being a lot of DLC packs. Paradox Interactive pioneered a system of post-release support that's already proven to last for nearly a decade after a game launches.

Whether you place Stellaris or Surviving Mars, Europa Universalis IV or Age of Wonders: Planetfall, when these games get going there’s a lot of add-ons to keep track of. Outside a subscription service – which is being tested for some games – it’s also an expensive prospect from a completionists point of view. Luckily, Humble is here to help.

Paradox Interactive and Humble have partnered together for a ‘build your own’ DLC bundle. The way this works is that you can pick and choose what you want to purchase from the list available on the store page. The more items you pick, the bigger the discount you get – but only up to a point. For this bundle, the maximum discount available is 65%, and only if you pick at least five items.

If you only pick four, you get 60% off, and for three items you get 55% off. You get nothing other than the individual discounts if you only pick one or two items. There is a lot of DLC available via this offer, across several different games. The full list of games include:

Items on offer range from full expansions, to smaller cosmetic packs, and ‘deluxe’ upgrades for base games where applicable. This may not be the cheapest some of these items have been available for in the past, but if you can’t wait this is a good way of getting a lot of new content for a great price. Make sure you check out our relevant DLC guides for guidance.

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The Paradox Interactive ‘build your own’ DLC bundle is available on Humble until Friday, June 18.