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Grand strategy giant Europa Universalis 4 gets big Middle East update

Europa Universalis 4 DLC King of Kings will give the Middle East a huge overhaul, following EU4 update 1.36, which focuses on specific improvements for Persia.

Europa Universalis 4 patch 1.36 and King of Kings DLC - A man with a large moustache in front of a map of the Middle Eastern empires.

New Europa Universalis 4 DLC King of Kings is set to enrich one of the best grand strategy games ever with a big overhaul. Following a recent free giveaway on the Epic Games store and several big Steam sales, strategy behemoth Paradox Interactive, also behind the likes of Stellaris, Victoria 3, and Hearts of Iron 4, is preparing a major Immersion Pack to add more depth to the Ottoman Empire, following on from the upcoming release of Europa Universalis 4 patch 1.36, which focuses more specifically on Persia.

Paradox’s latest developer diary covers Europa Universalis 4 update 1.36, which gives Persia a big overhaul. The team says Persia is “a country that the community has been actively requesting to receive an update, especially after the Great Powers update of EU4 Domination.” It adds that the overhaul was also “an easy pick for us to work on, as it already had been in our plans for a while!”

The Ardabil tree will help players unify the region, making permanent claims to the Tabriz and Shirvan regions. Also very important to the area is the religious makeup – Paradox notes that “The setup has been adjusted to reflect history a bit better,” and that “As such, many (but not all) Shia provinces are Sunni now as the conversion of the region happened massively only after Ismail established the Safavid dynasty in the region early in the 1500s.”

The Persian mission tree is “the second largest” in this update, with a vast 51 missions in a single playthrough, spread across four large mission packs and one smaller segment. Persian ideas, meanwhile, have been tweaked a little “to keep them more on par with their Ottoman and (sometimes) Mughal neighbors.”

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Also on the way is the Europa Universalis 4 DLC King of Kings, an Immersion Pack that will add more historical flavor across the wider nations surrounding the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East. This includes Persia, the Mamluk Sultanate, and the Byzantine Empire, and will add “hundreds of new missions and events, as well as unique powers and characteristics for the major players in the region.”

There’s currently no set release date for Europa Universalis 4 King of Kings, but you can add it to your wishlist on Steam to keep track of when it becomes available.

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