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Paradox details the free Europa Universalis IV update coming with the Common Sense DLC

Europa Universalis IV Common Sense

Paradox’s grand strategy expansions always come with a meaty, entirely free update for everyone, and Europa Universalis’ upcoming Common Sense expansion continues this tradition. If you’re willing to throw down some cash, you’ll get more avenues for provincial development, new options for subject states and even the introduction of parliaments, but the free upgrade is no slouch, either.

Paradox has named the free upgrade Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor with an extremely commanding chin. And here’s what it includes:

  • New Fort System: No more tiny sieges blanketing every province; forts are rarer and stronger, requiring greater investment of manpower and money
  • Buildings Redone: fewer building types with greater effects to add variety and strategy to your construction plan
  • Major changes to the map:  The Low Countries now have more complicated politics, and parts of Italy, Germany and Poland have become more detailed
  • Future Trade Goods: Before you colonize an overseas province, you now have a hint as to what treasures are coming your way
  • Reworked Diplomacy: Always fixing, always changing, always improving 

Common Sense launches on June 9th.

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Findaer avatarMannyCalavera avatar
Findaer Avatar
Findaer(14 days 15 hours played)
2 Years ago

Tinker tinker tinker. You would think this was a free to play game with all the updates! I'll have to try it out.

MannyCalavera Avatar
MannyCalavera(6 days 9 hours played)
2 Years ago

I've recently really gotten into EU4. I had it sitting in my library since release but didn't touch it for what ever reason (mainly CK2).

Anyway, EU4 is an amazing game, it is incredibly .... interesting to play. And most importantly, it's not at all as difficult to get into as people often claim about Paradox games. Give it a try.

PS: I don't have any of the DLC and still have a blast with it.