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Europa Universalis patch 1.35 changes so much, you need a fresh start

The Europa Universalis patch 1.35 notes are here alongside new DLC Domination, with a warning about your 1.34 save files and all the new free content.

Europa Universalis patch 1.35 changes so much, you need a fresh start

While the Europa Universalis 4 DLC Domination has arrived, the grand strategy game has also seen a sizable update in the Europa Universalis 4 Ottomans patch – or 1.35 – which is here for free, with full EU4 patch notes to boot.

This EU4 free update comes as the paid Europa Universalis DLC Domination is released, and it offers plenty of new free content and changes for you to sink your teeth into.

Beware that any EU4 patch 1.34 saves won’t work well, “if at all,” with 1.35, so you’re advised to roll back to 1.34 if you want to keep those saves intact and finish them up. Just go to the properties tab in Europa Universalis 4 on Steam, go to betas, and pick 1.34 in the dropdown list before booting the game up.

You can expect a lot in the EU4 free update, like three new sets of idea groups, a new tier of government reforms, more estate privileges, and new map modes as well. There’s also a UI rework and expansion of the modding capabilities.

Europa Universalis patch 1.35 changes so much, you need a fresh start

Europa Universalis 4 1.35 free features

  • Added 3 new sets of Ideas (Infrastructure, Court, and Mercenary), and further rebalanced all the Idea Groups.
  • Added 27 new events related to the new idea groups.
  • Added a new Tier of Government Reforms, Related to Military Doctrines, with 7 reforms.
  • Added 7 new Estate Privileges, to estates that did not have a privilege that exempts them from seizing land.
  • Added more Ruler, General, and Admiral personalities.
  • Added 7 new Parliament bribes and National Bribes, which are more expensive versions of bribes, but cover multiple parliament seats at a time, to Common Sense DLC.
  • Added 21 new Imperial Reforms, 21 new Decrees, and reworked special Age Abilities for Mandate of Heaven DLC.
  • Added 11 new Naval Doctrines to Rule Britannia DLC.
  • Added 11 New Iberian Holy Orders to Golden Century DLC.
  • Added the Latin Empire as a tag which can be formed through the Crusader mission tree to Emperor DLC.
  • Added 7 new Great Projects to Leviathan DLC.
  • Added 9 new Achievements.
  • Re-Added the Trade Protectorate subject type, available for countries that confirmed Thalassocracy.
  • Added a peace option that allows you to annex a migrative native country forcefully.
  • Added 6 new artillery units.
  • Added 27 new flavor events for the Ottomans.
  • Added 5 new flavor events for Russia.
  • Added 2 new flavor events for England / Great Britain.

There are also game balance changes and bug fixes in the EU4 patch notes, alongside the recent release of Europa Universalis 4 DLC Domination as well.

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