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Eve wants to make the first glossy 4K gaming monitor with LG’s new panel

Sorry matte, it looks like glossy might be the new gaming monitor trend if Eve has anything to do with it

Eve's original, matte 4K gaming monitor compared side-by-side with the glossy 4K screen

While gaming PCs often lead the charge with new technology, monitors still lag behind. High dynamic range (HDR) is only just becoming the norm for Windows users despite existing for more than half a decade and OLED panels are (somewhat understandably) still absent out of fear of permanent screen burn. Eve, however, believes we’re missing out on yet another trick: glossy screens.

Even the best gaming monitors in 2021 still use matte coatings, despite smart TVs, smartphones, smart watches, and even some gaming laptops all going the glossy route. It makes sense since we sit so close to our screens and want to stave off reflections, but the anti-glare techniques they’re often paired with means you’re more than likely sacrificing contrast, brightness, colour accuracy, or sharpness.

Now that Eve has a new glossy polariser on its hands, courtesy of LG, it’s showcasing the benefits of the shiny new finish. And if there’s enough interest, we might see the very first glossy 4K gaming monitor hit the market in the near future.

So far, over 1,100 members of the Eve community have expressed their desire to see glossy screens become a thing, and the company has sent off its first test unit for third-party impressions.

Another comparison between Eve's glossy and matte 4K gaming monitors shows deeper blacks on the glossy variant

Eve claims that the new panel “reduces the reflection rate to 2%,” which is down from 6% on the current Eve Spectrum 4K we loved so much. Contrast ratio is also reportedly improved by 8%, although it’s not quite clear how these metrics are gathered. Even without a transparent methodology, the comparison picture is as clear as day: the glossy coating offers deeper blacks and a clearer image that should “put the Spectrum on par with the [Microsoft] Surface in terms of clarity and depth of colour.”

If a glossy monitor sounds like something you’d like to stick on your gaming desk, anyone can create an Eve account and cast a vote. You have just over a week remaining before the poll closes, so don’t hang around if this sounds like it might just be your bag.