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Eve Online is letting you tackle space with spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel has come to Eve Online to help you organize all of your data, whether it be earnings, kills, profits, or other progress in need of tracking.

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Eve Online has revolutionized space games forever after launching its Microsoft Excel add-in. Players have long joked about Eve Online being a “spreadsheet simulator,” but it seems that CCP Games is taking this reputation as an organization-heavy experience to the next level. The Icelandic developer first announced the integration of Excel earlier this week, going on to fully implement Microsft’s program in Eve Online just one day later. There is no better time than now to compile your in-game data as the add-in is completely free to all players.

“Information is power” reads a mantra that the Eve Online developers have been working by. Their game’s new Excel tool enables you to access and analyze your data across every account and character you own. Once the data is imported, you can make use of Excel’s various analytical and visualization tools. From creating custom charts, graphs, and reports to tracking your progress, the add-in provides many methods of organization.

CCP Games has stated that “strategy, knowledge, and preparedness are paramount” in the fiercely competitive world of New Eden. By making use of a tool like Excel, something many players have already been doing outside of Eve Online, you can give yourself the edge necessary to attain victory. The devs also aim to make gameplay fairer with the add-in, stating that it “brings added fairness and accessibility to everyone, without requiring coding knowledge or dependence on player-developed third-party tools.”

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You can manage frontline warfare and maximize your industrial enterprise with Excel in Eve Online, or you can just keep an eye on all of your assets. If you want a more detailed look at the collaboration between CCP Games and Microsoft, read the former’s official statement in full here.

As someone with one ADHD-stricken brain cell remaining, a tool like Excel being present as I play is something I’d like to see in many games. It would save us the time of putting our own spreadsheet together outside of the game to track progress or strategize.

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