Eve will start shipping glossy gaming monitors in June

In the market for a new display? The first glossy gaming monitor will reach the first customers in June.

The Eve Spectrum matte and glossy gaming monitors side by side

Glossy gaming monitors just got a release date, with Eve expecting to push the first wave of its shiny new displays in three months time. Pre-orders are now live, so you can be one of the first PC gamers to witness the deeper blacks and clearer text that LG’s new polariser reportedly has to offer – just be careful where you position your Yeelight, Nanoleaf, or Govee RGB lights, as it’s a whole lot more reflective.

Keep your inner Philip J. Fry in check, because there are a couple of things you need to know before you start throwing money at the screen. The glossy polariser comes as an add-on that’ll set you back an extra $99 USD to compensate for the additional labour and development costs involved. This bumps the price of the Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz to $898 USD without the stand and $997 USD with.

The coating is also an option on a currently unpriced 1440p 280Hz model, but since this is still in development, shipping priority is placed on the established 4K version that’s already in circulation. Those of you still waiting on your Eve Spectrum have the chance to upgrade your existing order with the new sheen.

You might want to be quick if this appeals to you, however, as the first batch is limited to 1,000 people and 1,417 registered their interest in the community poll that started this journey. Those that voted in the poll even have a $25 USD coupon on their side to sweeten the deal.

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The new display is exclusively available on the Eve Devices website. If you’re looking for more information before purchasing, check out our Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz review. In short: it’s probably worth taking the leap if you’re in the market for a new display.