Everspace 2 tops Rust and Cyberpunk 2077 as Steam’s top seller

Everspace 2 has looked great every time we've seen it, and it seems to be making a splash in Steam Early Access

Everspace 2 is out now in Early Access. It’s the follow-up to a fairly niche predecessor, and it’s got a pretty substantial price point even prior to launch. Yet even with that in mind, Everspace 2 has managed to top the Steam sales charts ahead of massive hits like Rust and Cyberpunk 2077 on its first day of release.

Steam’s global top sellers chart currently shows Everspace 2 at the very top, beating out – in order – Rust, CS:GO’s Operation Broken Fang, Cyberpunk 2077, Phasmophobia, and the currently-discounted Red Dead Redemption 2. The actual metrics of the top sellers chart are a bit nebulous, but it’s a measure of revenue generated in a pretty short span of time. (We’ll know on Sunday if Everspace 2 managed to be one of Steam’s top sellers for the week, which is a more concrete measurement.)

It’s already outclassed the original Everspace in terms of player count. The first Everspace reached an all-time concurrent player peak of 1,448, as SteamDB shows, while Everspace 2 has already reached a height of 2,679 just hours after launch. Sure, those aren’t Cyberpunk numbers, but the count is pretty impressive for a smaller indie title.

I’m not gonna lie – this article exists primarily because I’m very excited to play Everspace 2. I got the chance to play it at PAX over a year ago, and it felt fantastic even then, as a fabulous combination of arcade space games like Rogue Squadron and a Diablo-style loot system.

It’s set to percolate in Early Access for another “12 to 18 months”, but Everspace 2 is already looking like something special.