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Everspace, the striking roguelike space shooter, hits its Kickstarter goal

Everspace Kickstarter success

Cor, Everspace looks a bit lovely. It’s a roguelike space shooter from the folk behind Galaxy on Fire, blessed with some properly gorgeous space vistas. It’s been on Kickstarter for a wee while now, and with a week left on the campaign, it’s now fully funded and has hit its first stretch goal. 

Whet your appetite with a couple of lovely videos. I’ll wait.

Here’s what you’ll be able to get up to on your potentially fleeting space adventure:

  • Use different tactics when dealing with enemies – cloak your ship and sneak past or attack all guns blazing?
  • Gather resources for much needed repairs in the local asteroid belt or hunt down well-guarded traders for their precious supplies?
  • Explore the mysterious nebula visible in the distance with unknown consequences or stay safe and head straight to the space station for refueling?
  • Investigate cosmic anomalies and stellar bodies (wormholes, comets, derelict ship wrecks) or don’t bother and jump to the next system?

Roguelikes can be a wee bit off putting at times, but it looks like Rockfish have the right idea by ensuring that death doesn’t equal failure, and each time you start again you’ll have some advantages thanks to your previous run.

The first stretch goal, which was recently hit, means that it gets Mac and Linux support, which I confess is just about the least exciting stretch goal I could imagine, as someone who neither uses a Mac and is perfectly happy with my Windows OS. The next stretch goal will add additional languages and more consumables, and beyond that, more player ships and a harcore mode.

A few unannounced stretch goals are also present, but given the short time left in the campaign, it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be reached. Not to worry, though, the game itself already sounds might compelling.

Today saw a new dev diary go up, introducing the ActionFreeze feature. It will allow players to freeze the game and unlock the camera to get a better look at the striking space scenery for screenshots or simply because you want to look at something rather pretty. Take a look below.

Rockfish are hoping to launch Everspace in October 2016.