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New, realistic tactical FPS has a huge playtest available right now

A combination of Escape From Tarkov, The Division, and Counter-Strike 2, a new realistic FPS game has a big playtest you can try right now.

New Steam FPS game Exfil playtest: Two soldiers moving and firing in Steam FPS game Exfil

Super realistic, swiftly punishing shooters like Arma and Escape From Tarkov always hold the promise of tense, cerebral gameplay. You can’t just run and gun. There’s no use playing solo. You’ve got to strategize, think, pick your shoots, and move with intent. The problem, though, is the learning curve. If you’ve arrived to these games a little later than the rest of the established player base, getting started can be extremely dispiriting, as you’re quickly killed off round after round before you’ve had the chance to get your bearings. Inspired by EFT and The Division, a new FPS game aims to provide a little more balance and approachability, closer in ethos to Valve’s tentpole Counter-Strike 2. Realistic but playable, you can try it for yourself right this second thanks to a huge playtest.

Exfil has all the trappings of a realistic FPS game. Multiple teams must work, fire, and maneuver in synchronicity if they want to successfully obtain the enemy intel, hidden somewhere, in the semi open-world map, and make it out alive. It’s weighty, plausible, and dramatic, but also simplified and readable as compared to some of its contemporaries. During Exfil’s last playtest, it accumulated some 10,000 players and was added to more than 4,000 Steam wishlists. Now it’s back, for a lengthier demo you can access today.

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From Monday April 15 to Monday April 22, you can play Exfil for yourself. As it stands, the game allows for a single mode, but it is available across three large-scale maps. You can alter your inventory and randomize elements like time of day and weather to create more challenging games.

Developer Misultin is planning to add a range of other modes during Exfil’s early-access period, as well as NPCs and a more customizable inventory system, for greater variety. Nevertheless, what Misultin has created already is seriously impressive. If you want to try Exfil yourself, you can sign up right here.

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