F1 2016’s Austria track is a real beaut in this ridealong

F1 2016 red bull ring

Contrary to the belief of me when I was 12, all F1 tracks are not the same. In fact, they’re different enough that they take memorisation as well as skill to navigate. In that theme, Codemasters have released a preview of F1 2016’s Red Bull Ring in Austria to get you ready to race.

If going fast’s your game, these racing all-stars are for you.

Climb aboard with Red Bull Racing’s own Max Verstappen:

Zoom and, indeed, vroom. I’d have to look fairly close to realise it’s not real-life footage if I didn’t know better. Wonderful sheen to the car and a great, realistic road. Suspension of disbelif dies a little towards the stands, but given the last one of these I played was on the original Playstation, good enough for me.

The game itself is out on August 19 and pre-purchase is already on Steam. It clocks in at $59.99 / €49.99 / £39.99 for the full game and currently comes with a Career Booster DLC pack that adds some cosmetics and a quick start option to the single-player content.

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