Fable fan launches “The Lost Content” modding project

There's a Fable: The Lost Chapters mod on the way that will add a whole bunch of cut content back in

Over the many years since Fable: The Lost Chapters was launched, nuggets of information have bubbled up giving us an idea of content that never made it into the finished version. For example, the RPG game’s fans have posted clips revealing animals, creatures, animations, and other features lurking in its datafiles – and now, a modder is aiming to make a whole bunch of that content playable.

Fable modder Avarice has launched a new project called Fable – The Lost Content, which they explain is an “attempt to make as much cut content playable as I possibly can, and to just generally add more fun things to do and find in the game”. The list of content dug up and modded so far contains a mixture of minor elements for the open-world game’s first chapter, set in Oakvale – for example, “a stick and pebbles as weapons” and some extra enemies, such as beetles and bandits.

But, if you’re a fan of the later Fable titles, one addition in particular will likely prick up your ears – the hero’s pet dog.

As you can see in the below clip showcasing the restored content in action, there’s a massive, inanimate, but – we’re sure – very Good Boy standing in the Hero of Oakvale’s house, found in the game’s files.

This is the very same black and white pupper showcased in Avarice’s YouTube clip revealing the various animals and creatures tucked away deep in the depths of Fable: The Lost Chapters (it’s called “Mongrel_Statue” in the files, apparently, so it’s not likely it ever got animated). The finds are pretty fascinating, so it’s worth taking a look at the modder’s other clips to see what never made the light of day.

The Fable: The Lost Content modding project only just launched on Nexus Mods, so there isn’t a huge amount to grab and try out just yet. However, it looks like the creator’s aiming to add as much content that can be restored to the game, for each of its levels, so it sounds like it’ll be well worth grabbing if you’re keen to play even more Fable before the, er, Fable release date arrives (yes, that other one).