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This chill fairy tale city builder is about to leave early access

Fabledom is a cross between The Settlers and games like King's Bounty, set in a fairy tale world, and it's hitting full release soon.

This chill fairy tale city builder is about to leave early access: A character from Fabledom stands in front of a painted background on a little pedestal.

There are two types of city building games. Some have you focus on the bigger picture no matter what, happiness being a secondary concern when compared to infrastructure and keeping your city ticking over nicely. Others take things in a different direction. Fabledom is the latter type, a city builder that focuses on the fantasy of crafting a settlement inside a fairy tale, and it’s utterly delightful.

We live in an increasingly complex world which is why we need things like Fabledom, a relaxed city building game that lets you take a step back from the minutiae that many other titles in the genre excel in. There’s nothing wrong with putting your nose to the grindstone and making your metropolis sing but Fabledom wants you to do something else; simply have fun.

Set in a beautiful fairy tale world, this isn’t a game about min-maxing your way to the top or sending your citizens into a furnace to power a nation. Instead it’s a much more relaxed affair, though there’s plenty of depth for those who look for it. You’ll gather resources, plan your settlement, and keep an eye on your neighbors as you attempt to keep your population alive and happy. Where it really differs from the crowd, however, is a focus on the personal.

A bustling fantasy city in Fabledom, full of life and joy.

For a start, you’ll be able to romance leaders from other nations. A rival kingdom rebuffing your diplomats? Why not marry a son or daughter, opening up gameplay options and giving you new ways to interact with your in-laws. This personal side to the game also pops into the game’s combat, with you able to appoint champions who’ll exemplify everything about your kingdom on the battlefield. There’s even quests that’ll pop up when you encounter them on the map, making the world feel alive with magic in true fairy tale fashion.

Fabledom has the heart of city building stalwarts like The Settlers, with all the cozy warmth of seeing your citizen about their business in a bustling and charming fantasy world. This is all combined with the feel and quest styles of games like the revamped King’s Bounty series, bringing a touch of oddball magic to your nation.

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The 1.0 full version release of Fabledom will launch on Tuesday May 13, with the developer adding a few features like troll invasions, fantastical disasters, and more. Head over to the Steam page to check it out ahead of its full release.

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