Fall Guys is getting a Team Fortress 2 skin

You should be able to pick the new Fall Guys skin up in "a few hours"

Soon you’ll be able to dress up your Fall Guys jellybean as Team Fortress 2’s Scout. The game’s developer revealed the new collaboration on its Twitter, further explaining that you’ll be able to pick up the skin in “a few hours”.

It wasn’t revealed whether or not you’d have to pay for the skin using crowns or in-game currency, but the post does mention “getting in the dubs so you can save up enough”, which suggests that it’s the former. In case you’re unaware, the only way you can get crowns is by winning games. Guess I won’t be getting that Scout skin, then.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fall Guys dev’ Mediatonic and Valve collaborate, as anyone who pre-ordered the game on Steam got a Gordon Freeman skin. Judging by the buzz of Twitter activity, the developer could team up with other studios, too. From Konami and CD Projekt Red to KFC and Walmart, everyone has had a go at requesting Fall Guys skins. Bumbling about a TV show-like area as a bean-y Geralt? Aye, go on then.

The developer also revealed on Twitter that if you’ve played the game before you’ll get a cactus skin for free. It’s Mediatonic’s way of saying thank you for persevering with Fall Guys’ server issues.

If you’re debating whether to try it or not, you can check out our Fall Guys review. Jen reckons “Fall Guys’ ingenious game show royale formula is a recipe for success” and that “its gameplay is full-fat unadulterated fun”.