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New Fallout 4 mod finally makes the Minutemen actually useful

Fallout 4's Minutemen faction is a common source of annoyance for players, but this handy new mod means they now have an actual purpose.

Fallout 4 mod remakes Bethesda RPG as a realistic war FPS: Preston Garvey, part of the Minutemen faction in Bethesda RPG Fallout 4

While Fallout 4 may not be the best game in the series, the success of Amazon’s Fallout TV show has renewed interest in the 2015 post-apocalyptic adventure. Its Minutemen faction is widely regarded as a nuisance, constantly cloying for your attention and begging you to defend settlements – the job that it’s supposed to be doing. Finally, a mod has overhauled the faction and turned it into something worth rebuilding.

When you first meet the Minutemen they’re a ragtag militia barely holding it together. The first few quests in Fallout 4 revolve around building their leader, Preston Garvey, a base in Sanctuary. After that, he constantly pesters you with repetitive settlement defense missions. A new Fallout 4 mod, You and What Army 2, reworks the faction by adding patrols, new locations, and new workshop objects.

The mod can be used as soon as it’s installed. The new locations are Minutemen waystations, which are unlocked as you progress through the RPG‘s Minutemen questline. These have a place to sleep and cook, as well as crops, making them ideal for a survival mode playthrough.

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You’ll also start to encounter Minutemen patrols out in the wasteland. These groups will attack hostile factions and protect settlers. You can even spot them using flare guns to call in other Minutemen from nearby, so be sure to join the fray if you see they need your help. These brave recruits can die, but they’ll respawn over time.

Finally, the three new workshop objects are Minutemen-themed bunkbeds, a campfire, and a watchtower. These will add some nice immersion to your settlements, but they aren’t just cosmetic. They add defense to your settlements and spawn a Minutemen patrol which will use the objects. You can download You and What Army 2 on Nexus Mods right here.

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