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Fallout 4 is going to talk your ear off with over 111,000 lines of spoken dialogue

Fallout 4 has 111,000 lines of dialogue

Bethesda make very chatty games. Every time you turn a corner, there’s someone wanting to have a natter. Quest givers, innkeepers, talking dogs, even people charging at you with their weapons are more than happy to spew out a line or two. 

Fallout 4 is going to be the chattiest of the lot. 

Bethesda’s been working on the voice recordings for Fallout 4 for years, and today revealed that all this work has amounted to a whopping 111,000+ lines of spoken dialogue. That’s a lot of banter.

To give it some context, that’s more than Skyrim and Fallout 3 combined.

It’s impressive, in the way that big numbers are always inexplicably impressive, but it’s not surprising. Fallout 4 is blessed with a vocal protagonist, who no doubt speaks a significant number of those lines.

While we don’t know how many words this equates to, it’s likely that this beats The Witcher 3’s massive 450,000 words, which made it 4 times the size of most novels.

Of course, the important question is if the dialogue is any good. And if it’s going to be uttered by the same tiny number of voice actors, like in Fallout 3 and Skyrim. We’ll find out soon enough, as Fallout 4 is set to launch on November 10th, which is startlingly close.