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The script for The Witcher 3 has over over 450,000 words; 4x larger than the average novel

Witcher 3 Script

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is easily this year’s biggest and best RPG release; if you want to know why, I’d highly suggest checking out Fraser’s glowing review. It’s so big in fact, that the script for the entire game tallies in at over 450,000 lines, requiring a total of 950 speaking roles.

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Voice production company, Side, handled the mammoth job of filling The Witcher 3 with an assortment of people, monsters and otherwise. Piloted by voice director Kate Saxon, it took over two and a half years to record all the dialogue.

According to IGN, Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz, senior writer of The Witcher 3, said that the game’s vocal directors were “masters of the human psyche and heart, with a keen ear for language in its many regional and social variations.”

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