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Fallout 4 seasons mod makes the wasteland eerily beautiful

Fallout 4 seasons mod

Since its release, there’s been some pretty ridiculous mods to grace Fallout 4. The Seasons mod is not one of them as it equips the commonwealth with the four time periods governed by our annual equinoxes, each with a different climate and aesthetically pleasing earthly effects. 

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It’s quite amazing that Fallout 4 is yet to receive official modding support, given the amount of uber cool tweaks and tinkerings, adjustments and overhauls that’ve been crafted by its community over the past few months. The Seasons mod - designed by modder GameDutchess - combines nine other weather-altering modifiers to great effect in order to generate some defined and wonderful seasons. GameDutchess also recommends installing a further nine elemental mods to arrive at results like these: 

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“Please go look at pictures of modern day Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl if you think nature shouldn't return with a vengeance after nuclear devastation,” notes GameDutchess on the mod’s page, most likely aimed at doubters of its credibility.

I imagine many, if not most, of the detractors won’t have experienced life in surroundings post-nuclear holocaust, so I find this quite amusing. Even if the creator has used a little artistic license to bring this into being - although that doesn’t even appear to be the case - it looks beautiful in any event and adds some real charm and character to the sometimes lacking Commenwealth.  

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Anakhoresis avatarPokenz avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
Anakhoresis(2 days 10 hours played)
2 Years ago

While I'm incredibly impressed at what they've managed to do without official modding tools, it's kind of silly to have people look at sites of previous nuclear fallout as a comparison to the Fallout universe. The destruction wasn't nearly to the same scale. One bomb in each area vs 2 hours of constant bombing across the entire world (13 on Salt Lake City alone).

Pokenz Avatar
Pokenz(20 days 14 hours played)
2 Years ago

This make me think of The 100. Radiation initially destroys life. Then life finds a way type deal. Beautiful mod. It fits conceptually what I thought a wasteland would look like after couple hundred years. Birds help a lot with seed migration. In the game it is odd that you either find a fresh corpse, or a skeleton, nothing mummified. My last thought is just because something is nice and green does not make it safe to eat or be around.