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This Fallout 4 mod lets you spring clean baddies to death

Grab your Fallout 4 air duster and clean up the Commonwealth

Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic Boston could sure do with a thorough tidying up. Dusty, dirty, and no doubt horrid to smell, it’s a pigsty of the highest order. But worry not! You can make a start on cleaning the Commonwealth by using DMF GAMING and Rbomb04’s delightfully deadly air duster mod.

Beyond just being ridiculous in all the right ways, it might also prove useful as a weapon. You see, through some futuristic feat of engineering, it’s powerful enough to send your foes flying. There are currently three variants of the air duster for you to try out. The first has a clean look, the second is a bit scuffed, and the third is a legendary air duster.

You’ll be able to craft the first two variants right away by heading to a chemistry workbench and searching for the air duster tab. That said, you’ve got an adventure ahead of you if you want to procure the legendary variant. It can be found in the cellar of Gorski Cabin, just south of Concord. Here’s the exact location, as well as some extra info on the cabin itself.

The Fallout 4 mod community continues to delight with its many weird creations, and the air duster weapon looks to be one of its finest ideas to date.

You’ll find the necessary info and download over on Nexus Mods. And if the ol’ air duster isn’t to your liking, best check out our giant list of the best Fallout 4 mods for some other inspirations.