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Fallout Miami mod team starts over with a new world - but now you can download the old one

This Fallout 4 mod is far from finished, but you can enjoy some of the early work anyway

A massive Fallout 4 mod that will let you explore post-apocalyptic Miami is still in the works, but the mod team is starting over with a new worldspace for a better final product. Luckily, the world we’ve already seen in those Fallout Miami trailers isn’t going entirely to waste – you can now download and explore that early version of the mod for yourself.

“In agreement with the Fallout Miami Development Team,” modder Mika999 writes (via PC Gamer), “we all decided to move some stuff from this worldspace to a new one that will be more optimized, have better LOD and Pip-Boy map. That means that final version of the Fallout Miami will look different then this one, where most stuff I made is on my own, when the team counted only a few members.

“But, because I’m so tied to my old worldspace, collective decision to move entire project to a new worldspace fell very hard on me, and I couldn’t just leave it.” So with that in mind, you can now download the early version of Fallout Miami through Nexus Mods.

You’ll need Fallout 4 (of course) and every official DLC expansion for the mod to work correctly. Once installed, you’ll find a bus at the southeastern edge of the Commonwealth which will allow you to access Miami.

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This release does not currently include any NPCs, enemy encounters, or quests, but Mika999 does plan to add new characters and areas in the future, even as work continues on the proper Fallout Miami release.