Play as Ellie from The Last of Us with this Fallout 4 mod

This mod lets you introduce Ellie to the Commonwealth

The Last of Us might be a PlayStation exclusive but that doesn’t mean PC players can’t bring a bit of the survival horror game’s spirit to our home platform. Thanks to a new Fallout 4 mod by creator xStillBlazinnx, you can now introduce its small but strong Infected-killer Ellie to the Commonwealth as a playable character.

The mod makes a remarkably similar replica of the character, who is a mostly AI-driven companion to Joel in 2013’s The Last of Us and the protagonist in the upcoming The Last of Us Part II, a female preset option in the RPG game’s character creation menu. There are various options to choose from, including some “dirty face textures” – you know, because life in the Commonwealth can be pretty hardgoing, too.

From the mod images, it looks like you can even use Ellie’s signature dusky pink t-shirt with palm trees motif, jeans, backpack, and sneakers in the game to fully capture her look, though the modder says to grab the armour seen in the screenshots you’ll need to join their Discord.

The current mod is version 1.0 and the creator says it’s still a work in progress, meaning that they’ll release “new versions every now and then when I feel I’ve made good enough tweaks.” They also provide a list of mods used in their own screenshots to help players achieve the exact same result.

If you’re keen to bring Ellie to Fallout 4, you can grab the mod here. There’s also already a Joel from The Last of Us Fallout 4 mod if you’re keen to add both to your game, available here. In the meantime, check out our list of the best Fallout 4 mods if you enjoy tinkering with your game and are keen to see what’s out there.

Top image credit: xStillBlazinnx/Nexus Mods